Trial Defense Services




The District of Columbia National Guard Trial Defense Service (DCNGTDS) is comprised of officers and noncommissioned officers whose only job is to defend those who defend America. The mission of TDS is to provide a full-range of defense legal services to Soldiers in the DCNG, at no cost to the Soldier. These services include:

- Representing Soldiers at courts-martial.

- Representing Soldiers during criminal investigations and before involuntary enlisted separation, officer elimination, Withdrawal of Federal Recognition, or AGR removal boards.

- Counseling Soldiers regarding restraint, nonjudicial punishment (e.g., Article 15), and any other adverse administrative action taken pursuant to Army regulations.

TDS attorneys represent Soldiers only; they do not represent civilian employees of the Department of Defense, nor civilian dependents. In addition, TDS does not represent Soldiers pending civilian judicial proceedings or charges, to include proceedings at a federal magistrate court in a military base. TDS representation is only provided to Soldiers facing adverse action in military jurisdiction.

To ensure objectivity and fairness, TDS attorneys are completely independent from local commands and their legal advisors. Furthermore, TDS personnel are supervised and rated by their superiors within TDS. Also, communications between TDS personnel and a Soldier-client are strictly confidential and privileged. 

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