Inspector General

Provide to the commander, Soldiers, Airmen, civilians, and their family members assistance through inspection, inquiry and investigation to enhance discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training and readiness throughout the DC National Guard.

Essential task list:

  • Support commanders and the chain of command to ensure they are effective, efficient and economical as possible, to improve operations, morale and readiness of the command.
  • Provide assistance for Soldiers, Airman, family members, DA civilians and retirees.
  • Conduct inspections to measure compliance, identify systemic issues and correct deficiencies.
  • Conduct investigations that meet the standards of thoroughness and fairness.
  • Teach and train at all levels.


Before Filing

For Army National Guard issues, use DA Form 1559; for Air National Guard issues, use AF Form 102. After your have read, completed, and signed the form, you may mail or scan/email the form to the IG office along with any supporting documentation:

JFHQ-DC, ATTN: IG, 2001 East Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003

- 113th Wing, D.C. Air National Guard, Attn: IGQ,  3222 East Perimeter Road, Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762

Anonymous complaints are accepted and acted on where sufficient information is provided.

Please be specific as to what you want the IG to do for you when completing the DA Form 1559/AF Form 102. Include what status you and/or the subject of your complaint were in for each incident/complaint (m-day, active duty for training (ADT), AGR, technician, etc.) As IGs are objective and impartial fact-finders, you can simplify completing your request by limiting the information you provide to only known facts (who, what, where, when, how (much/many). You should also include a list of people you have contacted in regards to your complaint and what you were told by each of those contacts.

While it is your right to contact an IG without restriction, we also encourage you to continue to resolve your issues through your chain of command. In many cases, your chain of command has the resources, authority, and responsibility to address and solve their Soldier's/Airman's complaints.

Disclosure of your SSN and other personal information is voluntary; however, failure to provide complete information may hinder proper identification, accomplishment of the requested action(s), and a response to you.

All contact with an IG and members of Congress is a protected communication; complainant's cannot be reprised against for making a lawful protected communication under T10, USC Section 1034, Military Whistleblower Protection Act. Be honest, and don't provide misleading information. It is a violation of the UCMJ to knowingly and intentionally provide false statements and/or false written statements.


Additional Resources



IG Contact Information (NOTEDo NOT discuss classified matters on any of these lines. If your inquiry deals with classified matters, arrangements will be made to discuss it in the appropriate venue.)

DCNG IG Group Email Address:

Primary: Lt Col Christopher Mayo, State Inspector General, Office: DC Armory, 115E, Phone: 202-685-8784

Secondary: LTC Nushat Thomas, Deputy State Inspector General, Office: DC Armory, 115E, Phone: 202-685-8784

Additional Contact Information:

DOD Inspector General: 800-424-9098 (Toll-Free), 703-604-8799 (Commercial), 664-8799 (DSN)

Army Inspector GeneralArmy IG: Commercial: (703) 545-1845; DSN: (312) 865-1845, Army National Guard IG: (703) 607-2539, Army Reserve IG: (855) 560-3805

Air Force Inspector General: 202-404-5354 (Commercial), 800-538-8429 (Toll-Free)

Whistleblower Protection

The Military Whistleblower Protection Act, Title 10 U.S.C. 1034, prohibits any person from taking, withholding, or threatening any personnel action against a member of the Armed Forces as reprisal for making or preparing any protected communications.

Protected Communication – any lawful communication to a Member of Congress or an Inspector General, as well as any communication made to a person or organization designated under competent regulations to receive such communications, which a member of the Armed Forces reasonably believes reports a violation of law or regulation.

To report a case of Whistleblower Reprisal – contact the D.C. National Guard Inspector General.