Community Relations

Thank you for visiting the D.C. National Guard and for considering our involvement in your event. Through an active community support program, we take pride in supporting the District of Columbia and strive to demonstrate that the D.C. National Guard is a good neighbor and community partner. The Guard and its Soldiers and Airmen are extensively involved in local community organizations and often participate in, or support, the events they sponsor. Numerous federal statutes, however, restrict the ways in which we can support organizations and events. The D.C. National Guard Public Affairs Office receives, evaluates legality, determines suitability, and facilitates support for community events. To increase public awareness and understanding of the D.C. National Guard's local and federal missions. All efforts are made to support legal requests for assistance, however regulatory guidance specifies the type of the support we may provide. 

Aviation Requests

The D.C. National Guard offers aviation support such as: flyovers and static displays to eligible events from air shows to professional sporting events. Learn more about Aerial Support Requests.

Army Band and Joint Color/Honor Guards

A variety of musical resources are available from a ceremonial band to smaller ensembles. Learn more about the 257th Army Band. Learn more about Joint Color/Honor Guards.

Speakers' Bureau

Speakers' Bureau

The D.C. National Guard Speakers Bureau offers the general public the opportunity to hear a Citizen-Soldier or Citizen-Airman speak about their personal experience of proudly serving in the D.C. National Guard. Speakers from every zip code in America can speak on a wide range of subjects to include D.C.National Guard missions, capabilities, diversity, history, and organizational culture. Learn more the Speakers' Bureau.

If you do not see a specific request for your event, please fill out the “General Request Form” and we may be able to assist.  There are a certain restrictions on how we can support organizations and events and our training and mission schedule must come first.

Requesters must recognize that real-world contingencies and training requirements take precedence over public events. While we work diligently to de-conflict such issues, the possibility exists that approved support requests may have to be withdrawn even at the last moment. In such cases, we shall provide as much advance notice as possible. 

Please complete an Aerial Support Request Form DD2535 or a General Support Request Form DD2356 and submit to the below email or street address no later than 60 days in advance to allow for proper planning of support from our military units.  While requests within 60 days will always be considered, we are rarely able to accommodate due to the short notice.

No Cost to Government

Department of Defense Policies requires that Armed Forces participation in public events will be provided at no additional cost to the Government. The sponsor is required to pay, when necessary, the standard military services allowances for quarters and meals for all Armed Forces participants, as well as for other services which have been determined in advance and agreed to by the sponsor prior to the event.

Email requests to: 

Mail Requests to:

District of Columbia National Guard

Attn: Public Affairs Office

2001 East Capital Street SE

Washington, D.C. 2001