Mission & Vision

VISION:  The District of Columbia National Guard is an organization of standards and discipline with teams capable of accomplishing their wartime mission to meet the requirements of the Army and Air Force while supporting civil authorities to protect our Nation's capital, save lives, and to mitigate human suffering and loss of property. 

MISSION:  To provide trained, ready and resilient joint forces for multi-domain operations globally for the U.S. Army and Air Force, and locally in the District.

  • Manned with service members who are competent, mission-focused, ethical and professional.
  • Free of corrosive behaviors.
  • Well-trained and resilient.
  • Agile, flexible and able to operate in austere locations. 


Live here. Work here. Serve here.


  • Safety: Above all else be an indispensable asset to our nation (knowledge, experience, leadership). This includes safety from sexual harassment, sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse and suicide.
  • People: Without people we cease to be a functional organization, foster Esprit de Corps.
  • Readiness: Focus on wartime mission.  Our readiness for civil support is derived from our wartime readiness.  
  • Modernization: We take the lead from our services and embrace every opportunity to modernize our formations. 
  • Reform: We will evolve our force development and talent management processes to build leaders for our organization.
  • Partnerships: Priority to the District, then our federal counterparts and State Partnership Program (SPP) nations. Sync efforts when possible.