Mission & Vision

VISION:   A Joint Force committed to Excellence supporting the District and the Nation


  • To provide trained, ready and resilient joint forces for multi-domain operations locally in the District and globally for the U.S. Army and Air Force


Live here. Work here. Serve here.



    • A physically, mentally and professionally fit and resilient force
    • Recruit, train, manage, and retain expert talent
    • Maximize leadership and development opportunities at every level
    • Optimize manning and force structure of the DCNG to accomplish training, exercises and missions
    • Maximize MOS and AFSC training
    • Ensure transparent processes and SOPs guide our daily unit activities
    • Modernize facilities
    • Foster an environment in which all personnel develop, suggest, and implement processes/procedures to initiate, improve, or enhance the DCNG
    • Encourage smart risk-taking in order to solve complex problems differently



  • Relevant: Be an indispensable asset to our nation (knowledge, experience, leadership)
  • Professional: Maintain military expertise, be a steward of the organization, foster Esprit de Corps
  • Accountable: Be present - Always take responsibility for one’s actions and equipment despite the consequence
  • Pro-active: Anticipate tasks and end states taking action to shape a positive outcome
  • Transparent: Each Guardsman knows individually where they stand and collectively where the organization is going
  • Communicative: Receive, transmit, and process relevant information in a timely manner. Think - who else needs to know?
  • Innovative: Always seek the best way to accomplish a task
  • Honest: Be beyond reproach and insist others do the same. Maintain the trust of subordinates, peers, superiors, and partners.
  • Respectful: Uphold a positive environment free from harassment or discrimination