J4: Logistics

The D.C. National Guard’s J4, plans, coordinates, and directs operational logistics in support of the DCNG’s mission requirements and in coordination with D.C. Army National Guard and the D.C. Air National Guard.

  • Oversee logistics activities within the District of Columbia including provisions of supplies and services, maintenance (except Aviation), and transportation
  • Overall logistical readiness of units of the D.C. National Guard
  • Conducts the Maintenance Management Programs
  • Management of material and equipment
  • Movement of both material and personnel
  • Mobility Energy Management
  • State Logistics Funds Program Manager (surface and aviation)
  • Management of the Inter-Service Support Agreements & Cooperative Agreement Programs as pertains to logistics functions
  • DCNG Food Service Program​
J4, Director of Logistics

COL. Malik J. Freeman