Basic Eligibility

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen by birth or naturalization 
  • Must have a GT score of at least 110 on the ASVAB 
  • Must be a High School Graduate or have a GED at the high school level 
  • Must have at least a Interim Secret Security Clearance. Some MOS require actual clearance. 
  • Must pass an Appointment Physical (Chapter 2, AR 40-501, or Class 1A flight Physical) 
  • Must meet height and weight standards 
  • Must pass a standard PT test without alternative event(s) 
  • Must possess outstanding leadership traits 
  • Must be an E5 or above 
  • Must meet specific MOS requirements of DA Circular 601 Series 
  • Technical Specialties applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 46. 
    • Age waivers are possible over age 46. 
  • For Rated Aviation Position must be programmed to begin Flight Training prior to age 33 
  • 12 Months or more remaining on enlistment contract. 

Warrant Officer website for more info

Additional Documentation Required for Predetermination Packet for Warrant Officer Candidate Program 

  • 62E - Application for federal recognition. 
  • 2807 and 2808 - Report of Medical History and report of medical examination. 
    • The required chapter II physical can be scheduled at MED DET through this office if necessary. This will be a commissioning physical. 
    • Also, you will need to have taken a urinalysis within the past six months. 
    • Females need a PAP within the last 12 months. 
    • Soldiers over 40 will need the over 40 physical. 
  • Birth Certificate (or evidence of Citizenship) 
  • Copy of SSN Card 
  • All Orders awarding promotions, awards and decorations (performance related) 
  • Letters of recommendations from your CDR, BN, BDE CDR 
  • Commander's (unit/bn/bde) recommendation – must include the following certification: 
    • "I certify that (name &_rank) successfully passed the Army Physical Fitness Test consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and the two mile run with a score of (score) on (date); the verified height is (feet & inches) and the verified weight is (lbs)."
  • Letter of recommendation from a CW3-CW5 who is currently in the same career field you seek to enter. 
  • DD214's, NGB 22's 
  • Certified and Updated copy of 2-1 
  • College Transcripts and or High School Diploma 
  • Transcripts documenting completion of required college level courses and courses supporting training related to the applied for MOS 
  • Resume (IAW NGR 600-101) Must be dated and signed 
  • OER's/NCOER's covering period of feeder MOS 
  • Documents listed on Warrant Officer Recruiting homepage required by the proponent. (Training/leadership certificates, DA Form 1059 for all NCOES and applicable schools) 
  • Any and all Civilian Documents which support training or experience directly related to the MOS (Performance evaluations, position descriptions, licenses, etc) 
  • DA 705 (must be within last 6 months and date of submission to proponent) 
  • DA Form 5500/5501 (Body-Fat Worksheet) 
  • Security Clearance JPAS Printout 
  • Statement of Understanding for appointment as a Warrant Officer 
  • Statement of Understanding if unable to complete 20 years service for retirement 
  • DD 368 (only for Soldiers with affiliation in another component or state outside of Vermont) 
  • DD 368 (only for Soldiers with affiliation in another component or state outside of Vermont) 

NOTE: Requests for waivers other than for mandatory prerequisites, i. e., age, civil convictions, or two-time non-selected for promotion, will be submitted as separate actions and not as a part of the predetermination action.

For more information, check the Warrant Officer Career College (WOCC) website for information regarding your WOCS and subsequent training.

Warrant Officer Recruiting Webpage: