D.C. National Guard Exhibition

Located inside the D.C. Armory in Southeast Washington, is the Brigadier General West A. Hamilton Museum dedicated to preserving the heritage of the D.C. National Guard and honoring the memories of the Soldiers and Airmen who, for over 200 years, have served the District of Columbia and the United States whenever called upon. The museum educates Guard members and the public about the heritage of D.C. Army and Air National Guard, both in peace and in times of war.

We invite you to share in the rich history of the District of Columbia, the only federal National Guard, and the volunteer Soldiers and Airmen who, for over two centuries, have done their best to bring freedom to people across the world. The museum of the D.C. National Guard serves as our guardian, tasked with the never-ending mission of remembering and honoring our Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen, who have given, and will continue to give, their time and lives for causes greater than themselves.


The District of Columbia National Guard Museum possesses a vast array of artifacts ranging from period and authentic firearms, edged weapons, uniforms, artillery pieces, vehicles and aircraft. Although another expansion is on the horizon, the current museum has fascinating exhibits on the legacy of the D.C. National Guard "Capital Guardians."  Visitors can experience the entire scope of the D.C. National Guard's military tradition, from the Cochran Corps of Cadets to participation in Presidential inaugurations. 

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We sincerely hope you visit this great museum and learn of the past and ongoing sacrifices made by the "Capital Guardians." Their history, after all, is your history and the Brigadier General West A. Hamilton Museum is devoted to preserving this distinguished legacy for all generations.

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2001 East Capitol Street, SE

Washington, D.C. 20003