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NEWS | June 7, 2024

DEOCS inputs in action: Introducing the D.C. National Guard CIPP

By Joseph E. Althoff, Integrated Primary Prevention Manager | D.C. National Guard

I was walking through the D.C. Armory about a month ago, and a Soldier identified me as the “DEOCS Guy.” He replied, "Hey, aren’t you the guy who runs the DEOCS?” I answered “Yes,” and he looked at me and said, "What ever happened with that assessment?” Two weeks ago, at the 113th Wing HQ building, I was again identified by an Airman who had a similar inquiry. “I saw you at our TFAT training last year. What ever happened with the DEOCS stuff?”

Many members completed the 2023 Defense Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS) last fall. The D.C. National Guard had the highest response rate seen in years with almost 48% of the force completing the survey. The Integrated Resilience Operations (IRO) team has been hard at work utilizing the information and assisting commanders of all units with analysis and recommendations to help improve the unit climate and reinforce the positive actions that keep members engaged.

Not only do we work with squadron and company commanders, but we also roll up the information at the Air National Guard and Army National Guard levels for senior leaders to get a pulse of their areas. Our final roll-up is an overall pulse of the entire D.C. National Guard for the Adjutant General (TAG) and Commanding General (CG). All senior leaders are informed of the DEOCS trends and practical solutions offered by IRO to influence positive change of the climate of the DC National Guard.

We don’t stop at discussions on how to positively influence the environment for our service members, civilians, and families. We also take these suggestions and produce actionable items. The IRO and senior leaders across the D.C. National Guard compose an annual action plan that identifies areas of risk, specific actions to lessen this risk, and milestones to track our progress along the way. The Comprehensive Integrated Prevention Plan (CIPP) is the DC National Guard strategic plan that joins forces of all our helping agencies to influence the climate of the DC National Guard and its members.

Our CIPP was composed earlier this year and signed off by Maj. Gen. John C. Andonie, commanding general (interim), in March 2024. This process and resulting plan guide the helping agencies with activities and actions to reduce the risk of our top risk factors identified in the 2023 DEOCS. Additionally, some of these actions in the CIPP will also address secondary risk factors. The CIPP doesn’t just focus on the risk factors, but also identifies protective factors that we leverage to keep our formations strong. The top protective factors include supportive leadership of immediate supervisors, connectedness, and the commitment of our D.C. National Guard service members.

Actions in the CIPP also include activities to enhance these areas and strengthen the protective factors that make us exceptional in defending the Nation’s capital. Over the next six to nine months you may see initial results of the CIPP implementation. We are working hard to update our operating processes to bring a more integrated approach to how we support our D.C. National Guard family.

Additionally, we are looking to assist leaders in engaging challenges as they arise and default to early engagement versus a delayed action. Many factors contribute to this tendency for any member in a supervisory role and equipping supervisors with the skills to be comfortable with conflict can be a game changer not only on the job, but at home. Your voice has been heard and it’s our responsibility to ensure it’s well-represented.

For more information about the CIPP, contact your local IRO team:

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