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NEWS | June 6, 2020

Investigation underway into D.C. National Guard Helicopter Flights

District of Air Columbia National Guard

The District of Columbia National Guard investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding the operational employment of DCNG helicopter assets in and around the District of Columbia on Monday June 1 is underway.

The investigation is looking into whether the aircraft in question flew at inappropriately low altitudes and whether they adhered to applicable safety standards and flying procedures while in flight. The investigation will also explore whether military medevac aircraft bearing the Red Cross emblem were improperly or inappropriately employed to support DCNG civil disturbance response operations.

Major General William J. Walker, DCNG Commanding General, appointed a senior officer with over 25 years of federal legal and investigative experience to lead the investigation. This officer is supported by an investigative counsel and three subject matter experts on military aviation safety, standardization and policy.

“The completion of a thorough and transparent investigation is of the highest priority to me and to the investigative team,” said General Walker. “The team is endeavoring to complete its work as soon as possible, however, fairness demands that the investigation not be rushed. The duration of the investigation will depend on what is uncovered, but more information is expected within the coming days.”

The investigation will be forwarded to the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of Defense upon completion.

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Media point of contact for this operation is Lt. Col. Brooke Davis (mobile: 360-528-1642/email:

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