Quick Facts

Headquarters address: 2001 East Capital Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003

Facts at a glance:

  • Number of Soldiers: 1,350
  • Number of Airmen: 1,100
  • Aircraft: F-16 Fighting Falcon, C-40 (civilian equivalent: Boeing 737), Fairchild C-26E Metroliner
  • Helicopters: Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk and the Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota

Did you know?

  • The D.C National Guard was created on May 3, 1802, by President Thomas Jefferson to defend the newly created District of Columbia.
  • John Mason, son of George Mason, a Founding Father of the United States, was the first Commanding General of the D.C. Militia, appointed personally by President Thomas Jefferson in 1802.
  • Francis Scott Key who wrote the Star Spangled Banner--our national anthem--was a D.C. National Guardsman.
  • Six Mayors of the District of Columbia have been D.C. Guardsmen.
    • Roger C. Weightman, John Peter Van Ness, William A. Bradley, Peter Force, William S. Seaton, Walter Lenox and Alexander R. Shepard. 
  • The D.C. National Guard has deployed more than 1,200 Soldiers and Airmen to support the Global War on Terror. The D.C. Guard completed over 90 whole-unit deployments, including tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Saudi Arabia and stateside missions as part of Operation Noble Eagle.
  • Since September 11, 2001, the 113th Wing, D.C. Air National Guard has provided 24-hour protective coverage over the skies of our Nation's Capitals as the "Capital Guardians."
  • The D.C. Air National Guard alert mission protecting the National Capital Region (NCR), is the most active air defense unit in the nation; responding to more alert events than the nation's other ACA units combined. Since the attacks on 9/11, the unit has responded to more than 5,000 alert events.
  • D.C. National Guard State Partnership Program partner: Jamaica (since 1999) and Burkina Faso (since 2019).