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NEWS | March 31, 2022

District of Columbia National Guard Chief solidifies legacy of inspiration

By Capt. Tinashe Machona, DCNG Public Affairs

Honor, valor and dedication to service are a few principles Chief Master Sgt. Jessica Dearie exhibits in her role as chief enlisted manager of the District of Columbia Air National Guard, Headquarters Air Staff.

Dearie, a 27-year veteran of the District of Columbia National Guard, began her service in 1994 as an information management specialist and later as first sergeant at the 113th Wing from 2012 to 2016.

“I love being in the Guard,” said Dearie. “It affords me the privilege to serve my country and community. The most rewarding part of my journey in the military is to mentor and help the Airmen under me so that they can take on the mantle and persevere, thus positively impacting our community.”

Chief Dearie also served as acting state command chief from May 2019 to January 2020, becoming the first female to occupy the position in DCANG history.

Being a senior enlisted advisor is not a role Dearie takes lightly. Although a motivational trailblazer to her fellow D.C. Guard members, Chief spoke about the importance of Women’s History Month and the impact of the female Airmen who came before her and how their service affects her ability to inspire female Airman today.

“To me, Women’s History Month is a special time to honor the representation and accomplishments made by women over the years in many industries,” said Dearie. “It is reflective of the women who came before us, who were change-makers for the benefit of other women to be victorious and free from gender-discrimination.”

She emphasized that it is commemorative of the sacrifices and determination that women muster to succeed, which, in- turn encourages others to reach beyond the horizon.

“Being a Capital Guardian is and always will be an extraordinary service to my country and my community,” said Dearie. “I take pride in wearing our nation’s uniform and commit to service anywhere, whether it is abroad, or supporting my local community.” She added the National Guard provides safety and security for our community. ”Being a part of that is a tremendous privilege.”

Capital Guardian is the nickname for members of the DCNG.

Dearie derived her inspiration to join the DCNG from her father, retired Master Sgt. Sean Brennan, who served in the DCANG as a photographer.

“One of my biggest sources of pride as an Airman is mentorship and empowering other Airman to be the best they can be and succeed beyond comprehension,” said Dearie. “I have comfort in my contributions to the Guard when I see the Airmen in lower ranks triumph during award ceremonies and get recognized for their hard work.”

She believes that her Airmen’s success is her success.

Chief Dearie plans to retire from the military on April 4, 2022 and looks forward to spending more time with her family and enjoying her many hobbies such as hiking, traveling and reading.

“I encourage Airman to never give up and take care of each other. Reach for the stars and dare to dream big in pursuit of your aspirations.”