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Colonel Mark A. Maldonado

Deputy Commanding General, Air

Colonel Mark A. Maldonado is the Deputy Commanding General, Air for the District of Columbia Air National Guard. He is the principal advisor to the Commanding General of the District of Columbia National Guard and manages over 1,200 members of the District of Columbia Air National Guard while ensuring all District of Columbia Air National Guard units maintain the required readiness levels. Furthermore, he liaises with the Director, Air National Guard, on behalf of the Commanding General and The Adjutant General of the District of Columbia National Guard.

Colonel Maldonado was commissioned in 1991 after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy.  Throughout his career, Colonel Maldonado has served in various operational and staff assignments, primarily as a KC-135 Aircraft Commander, Personnel Officer and Staff Judge Advocate.  Col Maldonado graduated from Undergraduate Pilot Training in 1992 and served on active duty for nine years.  Upon entering the Air National Guard, Colonel Maldonado deployed shortly after tragic events of September 11, 2001 and flew 48 combat sorties over Afghanistan.  Col Maldonado has been deployed to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Oman and Portugal.  Col Maldonado represented the Department of Defense Institute for International Legal Studies as a Counterterrorism and Counternarcotics instructor in Lima, Peru, San Salvador, El Salvador and Kinshasha, Democratic Republic of Congo. 

In his civilian capacity, Col Maldonado has served as a Federal Prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice for more than a decade where he prosecuted large scale international cases working in the Counterterrorism and Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Sections.  Col Maldonado was selected as one of six Department of Justice Criminal Division Honors Program attorneys out of nearly twenty seven hundred applicants in 2003.  Colonel Maldonado was the first Air National Guard Judge Advocate General to receive the top graduate award at the Judge Advocate General School and has served there as an adjunct Instructor.  Col Maldonado was named the U.S. Department of Justice Counterterrorism Section Attorney of the year for 2008. 




1991     Bachelor of Science, United States Air Force Academy

1997    Squadron Officer School, in residence

2004   Juris Doctor (Awarded January 2004), Rutgers Law School, Camden

2012    Air War College (by correspondence)



  1. August 1991 to August 1992, Undergraduate Pilot Training, Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma.
  2. August 1992 to December 1994, Chief, Personnel Utilization and Training, McGuire AFB, NJ.
  3. December 1994 to September 2000, Aircraft Commander, KC-135R/T, Grand Forks AFB, ND.
  4. February 2001 to September 2006, Aircraft Commander, KC-135E and Officer in Charge of Command Post. NJ ANG, McGuire AFB, NJ.
  5. September 2006 to January 2010, Deputy Staff Judge Advocate, 113th Wing, District of Columbia Air National Guard, Andrews AFB, Maryland.
  6. January 2010 to 2017, State Staff Judge Advocate, Joint Force Headquarters, District of Columbia National Guard.



Meritorious Service Medal

Air Medal with three Oak Leave Clusters

Aerial Achievement Medal

Air Force Commendation Medal

Army Commendation Medal



Second Lieutenant    May 1991

First Lieutenant         May 1993

Captain                       May 1995

Major                          October 2002

Lieutenant Colonel  February 2008

Colonel                       May 2013