Don’t imagine! Find out if you qualify for a BONUS. 

It could pay off, up to $20,000—all to take hold of a dream.

Your exciting future offers huge benefits—and may also include a massive bonus. Enlistment bonuses are available for new recruits, prior service members and transitioning active duty soldiers, as well as National Guard soldiers looking to reenlist. And the only thing that’s between you and knowing if you’re eligible is a conversation with your recruiter.


You probably have some questions. 

And we have just the person to answer them. Ask your D.C. National Guard recruiter these questions in your very first meeting.

  • What are the top 10 critical need jobs in the D.C. National Guard?
  • Am I in the window for the Off Peak (OP) Ship Option Bonus?
  • What is the method of payment and timeline for my bonus?
  • Are there any urgent units— cyber or medical—that I can apply for in D.C.?
  • If I’m transitioning from active duty, how can I ensure I qualify for the Enlistment Affiliation Bonus (EAB)?
  • If I’m already in the Guard, do I qualify for a Reenlistment/Extension Bonus (REB) or MOS Conversion Bonus (MOSCB)?
  • Are there any bonuses available for officers or warrant officers?
  • Can I get a bonus and still qualify for the Montgomery GI Bill Kicker or Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)?